Grooving Into 2019

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Hey Burners! Er.. Brigiteers? Fans. Let’s go with fans. Thank you so much for sticking with us through a very low-output 2018. Our financial difficulties have only continued through the year — Kat did manage to find a well-paying freelance Continue reading Grooving Into 2019

Sleep Study Kickstarter: Final Push

Sleep Study: We're here for you.

We’ve got just over a week left on our Kickstarter, and now is the time we enter the final big push. We’re still a long way from our goal, but it ain’t over til it’s over. Many people wait til Continue reading Sleep Study Kickstarter: Final Push

Sleep Study pre-production continues

Sleep Study... Rest in Peace

Things got busy over the holidays, and not just holiday stuff. We have squared away the boring legal and banking stuff. We’ve pushed through red tape and administrivia. And now we’re less than a week from the launch of our Continue reading Sleep Study pre-production continues

People are talking…


We have completed taping for both the Alcohollywood and Toxic Bag podcasts. We had an absolute blast with both of them. For Alcohollywood we watched and critiqued the 1995 film Copycat starring Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter. The film had Continue reading People are talking…