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Michael Coorlim is an author and producer for the Chicago film production company Burning Brigid.

Progress Notes: Wayfarer, the game

Wayfarer notebook

Work continues on Burning Brigid’s next project, Wayfarer. For those of you who aren’t aware, Wayfarer is a work of augmented reality audio interactive fiction planned for mobile devices. Players will listen to part of a story, make a choice, Continue reading Progress Notes: Wayfarer, the game

Grooving Into 2019

Wayfarer Logo

Hey Burners! Er.. Brigiteers? Fans. Let’s go with fans. Thank you so much for sticking with us through a very low-output 2018. Our financial difficulties have only continued through the year — Kat did manage to find a well-paying freelance Continue reading Grooving Into 2019

Work in Progress: Wayfarer

Wayfarer Logo

Burning Brigid Media’s latest project is Wayfarer, an interactive audio fiction mobile app. Part audio drama, part interactive adventure, part fitness app, in Wayfarer players will play on their phones while traveling in the real world. The game is presented Continue reading Work in Progress: Wayfarer

Marvel’s Iron Fist Drinking Game

Iron Fist

Kick off your sandals, grab the nearest bottle of plum wine, cue up Netflix, and get ready to drink. Take a Drink When Danny Rand drops a nugget of pop-eastern philosophy. Danny’s actions contradict his words or his stated pop Continue reading Marvel’s Iron Fist Drinking Game

Ruamano and her tattoos

Ruamano, one of the main characters in Synesthesia Theatre’s second-season audio drama “Cold Reboot,” sports Maori tattoos on her chin. If you’d like to learn more about them and their significance, check out this article on their transformative power in Continue reading Ruamano and her tattoos

The Visuals of Cold Reboot

augmented reality

It’s funny to talk about visuals when discussing an audio drama, but even funnier when you consider that the cyberpunk thriller Cold Reboot started life as the first novel in the Shadow Decade series. Very different beasts, prose and audio, Continue reading The Visuals of Cold Reboot

Synesthesia Theatre Season Two: Cold Reboot Teaser

Cold Reboot is a cyberpunk thriller audiodrama, and the second season from Burning Brigid Media’s Synesthesia Theatre podcast. Set in Chicago in 2025, it tells the story of a woman who can’t remember the past decade trying to put her Continue reading Synesthesia Theatre Season Two: Cold Reboot Teaser

Synesthesia Theatre Announcement

Synesthesia Theatre

Here are the highlights: The Iron Horses Can’t be Broken Gag Reel has been released for our patrons on Patreon dot com Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken has wrapped up. If you want to follow the characters further, you are Continue reading Synesthesia Theatre Announcement

Gag Reel and Hiatus News

IHCBB outtakes

So we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we’ll be releasing Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken’s gag reel as an exclusive for our Patreon supporters. This is a half-hour of chatter, flubbed lines, Continue reading Gag Reel and Hiatus News