Synesthesia Theatre Announcement

Here are the highlights:

  • The Iron Horses Can’t be Broken Gag Reel has been released for our patrons on Patreon dot com
  • Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken has wrapped up. If you want to follow the characters further, you are welcome to check out the other Galvanic Century books and audiobooks written by Michael Coorlim.
  • Season 2, Cold Reboot is finishing up post-production and will begin in one month. It is not related to Iron Horses, but is a cyberpunk thriller. It stars many of the same actors.
  • You can help us defer the costs of production and get cool swag by donating to Synesthesia Theatre’s Patreon. It’s the best and simplest way to support us.

Thanks for listening!

About Michael Coorlim

Michael Coorlim is an author and producer for the Chicago film production company Burning Brigid.

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