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For Listeners

We will be providing consistent professionally produced audio entertainment. Synesthesia Theatre will present multi-part mini serials broken up into 20-30 minute episodes, perfect for listening to during a commute, and will cover a wide span of genres. Each serial will consist of six to eight episodes, making it easy to catch up if you come into a story in the middle.

For Actors

Local actors will be given opportunities to both showcase their talents through the audio plays and to talk about themselves and their current projects in cast interviews.

For Writers

Writers will have the opportunity to submit audio play scripts for production, and will have the chance to talk about their other projects in writer interviews. Guest episodes can be multi-part serials, or single stand-alone 20-30 minute productions.


Synesthesia Theatre will be funded on a fan-supported art model through Patreon, with the ultimate goal of being able to pay our actors and writers professional rates for their time, as well as making use of more sophisticated post-production and effects. All donated funds will go into improving the production quality of our audio plays with better equipment, professional editing, and wages for cast and crew.

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More Information

If you’re interested in writing or performing for Synesthesia Theatre, sign up for Burning Brigid Media’s mailing list. Here you will get news about Synesthesia Theatre serials, open calls for writers, as well as casting calls for subsequent audio stories.