The GOP’s proposed new budget vs. arts and humanitarian spending

Arts Funding

You have probably seen America’s new proposed federal budget for 2018 in the news over the last few days. Wherein budget director Mick Mulvaney asserts that programs like school lunches and Meals on Wheels don’t show any “results.” Because, apparently, Continue reading The GOP’s proposed new budget vs. arts and humanitarian spending

Synesthesia Theatre

Synesthesia Theatre

Sleep Study didn’t meet its fundraising goal. We’re not going to dwell on it. We’ve got too much to do, and a big part of that is moving on to our next project. Synesthesia Theatre is an audio-drama podcast We’re Continue reading Synesthesia Theatre

Success as a Working Creative

Writers. Artists. Actors. Self-employed entrepreneurs who create creative products, or have a hand in creating creative products, for a fickle public. Independent working creatives all have dreams of self-sufficiency, but many work day jobs or freelance to support themselves while Continue reading Success as a Working Creative

Sleep Study pre-production continues

Sleep Study... Rest in Peace

Things got busy over the holidays, and not just holiday stuff. We have squared away the boring legal and banking stuff. We’ve pushed through red tape and administrivia. And now we’re less than a week from the launch of our Continue reading Sleep Study pre-production continues

People are talking…


We have completed taping for both the Alcohollywood and Toxic Bag podcasts. We had an absolute blast with both of them. For Alcohollywood we watched and critiqued the 1995 film Copycat starring Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter. The film had Continue reading People are talking…

You don’t know what art is, but you know what you like.

James Joyce

One concern levied against modern literature in the age of ebooks and democratized gatekeepers is that the classic works of the past could not come to be in the modern self-publishing world. Worry-worts have said that can be no modern James Joyce, no Dickens, Continue reading You don’t know what art is, but you know what you like.

More Upcoming Podcasts

Sleep Study: We're here for you.

My speaking engagement at the #AboutWomen: Body Image event last week was an incredible success and an amazing experience. I spoke on body image versus how women are portrayed in mainstream media, and it was very well-received, with some very Continue reading More Upcoming Podcasts

The Sleep Study Trailer is Here!

Sleep Study: We're Here for You.

You’ve been waiting for it, so here it is! A paranoid lab assistant becomes convinced that the sleep study institute that employs them is far more sinister than it first appears. Unwilling to risk exposure to potential retribution, the assistant Continue reading The Sleep Study Trailer is Here!

Logos and trailers and photos, oh my!

MicroSleep Institute

Great news! This afternoon we put the finishing touches on our trailer for Sleep Study, and the video for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We will be releasing the trailer by the end of the month — keep an eye out Continue reading Logos and trailers and photos, oh my!