Logos and trailers and photos, oh my!

Great news! This afternoon we put the finishing touches on our trailer for Sleep Study, and the video for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We will be releasing the trailer by the end of the month — keep an eye out for it.

We’re also busy putting together digital posters and other promotional materials with the fantastic photos we got from our recent shoot. We’re having a lot of fun with this, and are super excited to share them with you when they’re finished.

As a pre-teaser teaser, here’s the reveal of a crucial element of all this: the logo of the sleep study institute you will grow to know and fear during the course of the series.

MicroSleep Institute

The logo was designed by our own Pol Subanajouy, who also designed the logo for Burning Brigid itself, and will be playing “Seth” in Sleep Study.

We’re looking forward to sharing many more fun things with you soon!

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Artist, actor, photographer, singer. Seeker of truth & beauty. Bringer of light to the shadows. Co-founder and instigator of Burning Brigid Media.

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