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Casting Calls

Wayfarer is an interactive audio fiction game currently in development for mobile devices. Part audio drama, part interactive adventure, part fitness app, in Wayfarer players will play on their phones while traveling in the real world. The game is presented audibly, with professionally voice-acted dialogue and carefully constructed soundscapes produced in a manner similar to the stories presented in our Synesthesia Theatre podcast, with one major difference — input from the player determines the direction the story will go, in the form of multiple-choice selections.

Burning Brigid Media is now casting for a voice-over artist to perform the role of Bodega Clerk, who interacts with the player at one point in the story. The role consists of a total of seven lines.

We are requesting self-taped auditions. Please submit your headshot and resume, link to voice acting reel (optional), AND your audition recording in mp3 format as an attachment or as a link. Any submissions without an audition tape will not be considered. Send all materials to

SOUND QUALITY MATTERS. If cast, you will be asked to record the lines in your home studio. Your audition will be assessed both on your performance and the quality of the recording.

Stipend: $30. Non-union.
Deadline for submissions: May 1, 2018

Burning Brigid Media is dedicated to creating stories that normalize roles for the traditionally marginalized. Women, performers of color, and LGBT+ performers are especially encouraged to submit.

Character Breakdown

Bodega Clerk, any gender, Latinx/Hispanic, age 18-60s

Bodega Clerk works at a small family-run bodega. The job is usually not very engaging, and any “interesting” customers usually cause some annoying hassle. At least it’s a steady job. The Clerk just wants to do their job with a minimum of effort and collect a paycheck.

Download Sides to Audition

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Crew Calls

None at this time. Please check back here later, or sign up for our Crew Calls email list to get notified of new openings.

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