Grooving Into 2019

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Hey Burners! Er.. Brigiteers? Fans. Let’s go with fans. Thank you so much for sticking with us through a very low-output 2018. Our financial difficulties have only continued through the year — Kat did manage to find a well-paying freelance Continue reading Grooving Into 2019

The Parsec Awards, and where we’ve been

First, some cool news: Synesthesia Theatre was selected as a finalist in the Best New Podcasting Team category for the 2017 Parsec Awards. The Parsecs are juried awards that celebrate speculative fiction in podcasting — everything from fan shows to Continue reading The Parsec Awards, and where we’ve been

Synesthesia Theatre

Synesthesia Theatre

Sleep Study didn’t meet its fundraising goal. We’re not going to dwell on it. We’ve got too much to do, and a big part of that is moving on to our next project. Synesthesia Theatre is an audio-drama podcast We’re Continue reading Synesthesia Theatre