Grooving Into 2019

Hey Burners! Er.. Brigiteers? Fans. Let’s go with fans.

Thank you so much for sticking with us through a very low-output 2018. Our financial difficulties have only continued through the year — Kat did manage to find a well-paying freelance gig that lasted a while, but it did not turn into full time work as expected. As such we have not been able to fund much in terms of production. No new audio drama releases, no podcast episodes, and very little in the way of updates… without being able to work on anything Burning Brigid related, we simply haven’t had much to say, and we’d rather not flood our mailing list and blog with low-content chatter.

Work is progressing on Wayfarer — it’s content-complete, but I’ve been working on my Android Development skills to get the GPS tracking functional while the app is in the background — vital to how the game is supposed to work.

Here’s what to expect in 2019

As soon as I’ve got the Android Dev skills understood, we’re going to run a quick Kickstarter to fund Wayfarer’s digital art, to give it a nice title screen. If funding goes well, we’ll replace the current “placeholder” art as a stretch goal, but the Kickstarter will be the project’s entire budget.

I’m also planning to release short fiction filling in the backstory and mythology of the Wayfarer setting. Free to our Patrons, possibly as Kickstarter rewards or stretch goals, maybe released as a paperback collection.

And that’s it. Our coffers are empty. We can afford to keep the hosting for Synesthesia Theatre alive for now, but that’s as far as our pocket money allows.

For anything else, we need more funding. If we had the resources, we’d pursue:

  • Another full-cast season of Synesthesia Theatre.
  • A YouTube web series.
  • Faster Wayfarer development by outsourcing some of the development

That’s really the only argument I’ll make for supporting our Patreon. We’re poor creative professionals. We just don’t have the budget for anything more, and our podcast releases have been free entertainment.

If you like what we do, our mission, and want to see more from us, consider a small pledge. $1 a month, $5, whatever you can afford. Whatever won’t be missed. It gives us life.

About Michael Coorlim

Michael Coorlim is an author and producer for the Chicago film production company Burning Brigid.

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