Grooving Into 2019

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Hey Burners! Er.. Brigiteers? Fans. Let’s go with fans. Thank you so much for sticking with us through a very low-output 2018. Our financial difficulties have only continued through the year — Kat did manage to find a well-paying freelance Continue reading Grooving Into 2019

The Parsec Awards, and where we’ve been

First, some cool news: Synesthesia Theatre was selected as a finalist in the Best New Podcasting Team category for the 2017 Parsec Awards. The Parsecs are juried awards that celebrate speculative fiction in podcasting — everything from fan shows to Continue reading The Parsec Awards, and where we’ve been

Success as a Working Creative

Writers. Artists. Actors. Self-employed entrepreneurs who create creative products, or have a hand in creating creative products, for a fickle public. Independent working creatives all have dreams of self-sufficiency, but many work day jobs or freelance to support themselves while Continue reading Success as a Working Creative