Marvel’s Iron Fist Drinking Game

Kick off your sandals, grab the nearest bottle of plum wine, cue up Netflix, and get ready to drink.

Take a Drink When

  • Danny Rand drops a nugget of pop-eastern philosophy.
  • Danny’s actions contradict his words or his stated pop philosophy.
  • Danny acts in a socially inappropriate manner.
    • Drink double when reactions to Danny’s inappropriate behavior are exceptionally mild relative to the level of his offense.
  • Danny Rand asserts authority from a place of ignorance on any topic, like business or adult relationships.
    • Drink double for mansplaining, whitesplaining, etc.
  • Child abuse is portrayed or explained away as a growth experience, not trauma.
  • Every time you become annoyed at Danny’s inconsistent and unexplored PTSD.
  • You sympathize with the people who have to deal with Danny Rand.
    • Drink double when you sympathize with his current antagonist.
  • You have no sympathy for rich people problems.
  • Supporting characters are way more interesting than the “hero.”
  • The elements of a given scene — dialog, action, visuals, and music — clash unappealingly.
  • The pacing slows to the point that you realize you’ve forgotten what you’re watching.
  • Arrow did it better.
  • Colleen Wing is underused or forced into fulfilling a cliched trope to further Danny’s story arc.
  • Finn Jones chews the scenery, or rapid cuts substitute for his ability to fight.

Finish Your Drink When

  • It first occurs to you that Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick should have been cast for each other’s roles.
  • Every time you realize a plot point has been dropped with no resolution. (e.g. why did Danny return to New York?)
  • The fact that the showrunner wrote for Dexter and Six Feet Under makes you cry.
  • You have to pause watching to rant about it, either online or in real life.

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Michael Coorlim is an author and producer for the Chicago film production company Burning Brigid.

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