Sleep Study Kickstarter: Final Push

We’ve got just over a week left on our Kickstarter, and now is the time we enter the final big push. We’re still a long way from our goal, but it ain’t over til it’s over.

Many people wait til the end to donate. Significantly, many people wait to see what everyone else does before they donate. So you can help by simply not waiting. You can contribute to our social proof, showing others that people — that is, you — think the series and our mission are a worthy project.

So if you haven’t gotten around to backing the campaign yet, now’s the time. Any and every amount is appreciated, and helps greatly — it’s not just the dollars, but helping the idea of Sleep Study and Burning Brigid to catch fire. And keep spreading the word through your social networks. Not just sharing on Facebook or Twitter, but talking to the people in your circles about the challenges we face from cultural stereotyping, and letting them know there’s a little production company that’s trying to make things better.

Thank you for your support!

About Kat

Artist, actor, photographer, singer. Seeker of truth & beauty. Bringer of light to the shadows. Co-founder and instigator of Burning Brigid Media.

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