Sleep Study Kickstarter Update

Hey gang, we’ve got just under two weeks left in the Sleep Study kickstarter. We’re a long way from our $25,000 goal, but it’s not over yet. A lot of people wait until the end before donating.

Having to cancel the Geek Bar party due to the weather was disappointing, and it just makes it all the more important that those who are interested in this project donate. The more people donate, the more it inspires other people to donate, and if we don’t reach our goal, you don’t have to pay anything – that’s how Kickstarter works.

So donate if you haven’t, and spread the word through your social networks to those who you think might be interested in what Sleep Study is and what Burning Brigid Media stands for.

About Michael Coorlim

Michael Coorlim is an author and producer for the Chicago film production company Burning Brigid.

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