Sleep Study Kickstarter Launches

At long last the Kickstarter for our debut web series, Sleep Study, has launched.

We’ve been working for an entire year trying to get everything in order for the launch, meeting people, making podcast appearances, arranging promotional events, and coming up with fundraising strategy, but it all comes down to the next thirty-five days and the generosity of those interested in the project.

We’ve done everything our limited time and resources would allow, and now everything rests upon Sleep Study’s ability to draw people in, to interest them, to inspire them to donate. We’ll be providing updates and support during the duration of the campaign, but when it comes down to it all we can do is sit back and watch with dreadful anticipation.

If you’ve been following along and you support what we’re trying to do here, the fate of the project has passed into your hands now. Give a few dollars if you can – there are some really cool reward tiers – but more importantly, spread the word. Tell your own social networks about who we are and what we’re about. Point them to the Kickstarter.

If you’re new, then give the campaign a look, and if you like what you see, support us however you can. Help us bring Sleep Study to life.

About Michael Coorlim

Michael Coorlim is an author and producer for the Chicago film production company Burning Brigid.

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