021: Cold Reboot, ep 8

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Erica and Kate decide to work together to get back at Dae for all that trouble he’s caused them. The scamp!

Show Notes Episode 8

Cold Reboot was adapted from the novel by Michael Coorlim. Produced by Kat O’Connor and Michael Coorlim. Associate Producer is Bill Bullock.

Our cast, in order of appearance:
Erica Crawford, played by Kat O’Connor
Veer, played by Tommy Malouf
Waitress, played by Jennifer Lenius
Yeong Dae, played by Archy Jamjun
Metra Announcer, played by Bill Bullock
Dozing Man, played by Peyton Brown

Synesthesia Theatre theme music by Stav Drieman. Learn more at StavMusic.com.

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