“Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken” has wrapped

Burning Brigid Media has wrapped production on Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken, the first serial in the upcoming anthology audio-drama series Synesthesia Theatre.

With a cast of over a dozen local Chicago actors producing an 11-part story, Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken has been an ambitious first season for the series. It’s been a long road, and in a certain sense the work has just begun, as there’s a lengthy post-production task still ahead. Some of it went smoothly. Our actors were the height of professionalism, and brought a lot of talent to what we were doing. Each of them are experienced in film, theater, or both, and every one of them invested themselves enthusiastically in the story we were telling. However, wrangling the schedules of over a dozen actors, many of whom are in other shows or have day jobs, is not easy. Scheduling was a bit of a mini-nightmare, breaking each part down into scenes and then trying to schedule recording dates for when everyone was available.

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Home recording studio woes

The large cast had another downside… we were recording in a home studio with a single mic, and it was impossible to get more than four actors around it at once, so this involved a bit of a dance in some of the more complex scenes.

More frustrating, however, was having to stop every time there was significant noise from outside… and being under a flight path to O’Hare International Airport, that occasionally meant frequent interruptions. Not to mention car horns, dog barks, sirens, leaf-blowers… and cicadas. Oh those cicadas.

But it was awesome!

But these troubles were a trifle compared to the magic of getting great performances out of everybody. We are very, very excited by what we got. Over the next few weeks, leading up to the January launch of Synesthesia Theatre, we’ll be shining a spotlight on each of our actors, so you can get to know them before you hear them.

Can’t wait until January?

Want to get a taste of our audio drama work? Want to hear an example of just what audio drama is?

Burning Brigid Media’s first audio drama, Simple Harmonic Motion, is available as a free download to everyone who signs up for our mailing list. This 30-minute production stars Kat O’Connor and Song Marshal, two of the actors from the upcoming Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken.

Sign up, download the audio, and give it a listen.

Get Simple Harmonic Motion

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