Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken recording session one

Our first recording session for Synesthesia Theatre’s production of “Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken” went smoothly, thanks of course to the professional caliber of our actors and generous scheduling time. We actually finished up a good ten minutes before we had anticipated.

We’re recording scene by scene as chronologically as can be managed based on actor availability and general timing, contending with the sounds of the city outside our apartment… far more time was lost waiting for planes to finish flying overhead than due to lines being flubbed. Thank goodness we’ve taken that into account.

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A few notes about these photos:

  • CJ is often facing away from the mic because his explosive lines often blow out our levels.
  • I forgot about taking production photos until we were nearly done
  • That’s why we only get one picture of Doug sort of hanging out.
  • For those familiar with the book, James is voicing Bartleby, Bill is voicing Parker, CJ is voicing Robert, Amanda is voicing Florence, Kat is voicing Sarah, Doug is voicing Luther, and Vincent is both Clive and Riley. Kat and Bill were also kind enough to serve as audio techs.

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Michael Coorlim is an author and producer for the Chicago film production company Burning Brigid.

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