We’ve released our first audio drama!

We have completed production of Simple Harmonic Motion, a half-hour long science-fiction horror audio drama starring the vocal talents of Kat O’Connor, Song Marshall, and Ruth Kaufman. As a sign of our appreciation to you, our fans, we are offering this audio drama to you for free — just join our mailing list or our Patreon. The download contains the mp3, and a pdf of show notes containing credits, cast bios, and links to where you can find more information about the cast and crew online. We hope you enjoy the story.

Sample scene:

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Synesthesia Theatre update

Simple Harmonic Motion can be considered “episode 0” of Synesthesia Theatre, a bi-weekly audio drama anthology series podcast. We have been in pre-production for the last several weeks: scripts for the first mini-series are nearly complete, and we anticipate sending out casting notices in about a month. We’ve spent our time with Simple Harmonic Motion developing our approach to production, editing, and post-production (and learning from our mistakes), so we can be as efficient as possible as we move into the production phase.

Our first mini-series will be a steampunk mystery, set in the 1910s American Southwest. It centers around the disappearance of a British nobleman’s sister, and a Zuni Two-Spirit Arrow Priest.

Keep an eye out for our launch announcement, here and on the mailing list. We hope you will check it out!

About Kat

Artist, actor, photographer, singer. Seeker of truth & beauty. Bringer of light to the shadows. Co-founder and instigator of Burning Brigid Media.

2 Replies to “We’ve released our first audio drama!”

  1. I have to tell you just how amazing I was by this podcast. Audio dramas are a weakness of mine, and great ones can be good to follow. I started out listening to an episode while I was getting some work done on my laptop. However, maybe 10 minutes in, I found myself pausing what I was doing to just listen. It’s that engaging. Even as the plot twist(s) became apparent, my adrenaline was still going as the last few minutes trickled off. Really can’t wait to hear what comes next.

    • Fetesha–
      Thank you! We are thrilled that you liked it so much. It always feels great to know that we have succeeded in our attempt at creating a really compelling story.

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