McGowan dropped for speaking against sexism

So, Rose McGowan tweeted this recently.

Rough, right? It’s something actors see a lot of in Hollywood: casually sexist casting calls that overtly or covertly expose and reinforce the film industry’s deep-rooted sexism.

It’s something that’s getting more exposure thanks to tumblr blogs like Casting Call Woe, which showcases the more extreme casting call requirements sent to all people, and more specifically through Lady Parts which focuses on the extra hurdles that women face.

While we’re proud of Rose speaking out against what it is she’s facing, even where she is in her career, sexism reared its ugly head again when her agent fired her as a result of her “unprofessionalism.” Despite it all, she remains cheerfully defiant.

While one of McGowen’s agents, Sheila Wenzel, left the agency shortly after, it had reportedly been in the works prior to Rose’s controversial tweet, leaving her with Steve Muller. Rose was further quick to defend Wenzel:

While no further details are available, it is reasonably safe to assume that Sheila Wenzel was not the agent who fired Rose McGovern for the high crime of being a woman speaking her mind about sexism in Hollywood.

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Michael Coorlim is an author and producer for the Chicago film production company Burning Brigid.

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