Meet the Cast: Chanda Davetas

In Cold Reboot, Chanda voices Georgia Matthews, a pharmaceutical executive and mentor to Erica Crawford in her former life from 2015. Despite their prior close relationship, Matthews may no longer have the pull to help Erica in the business world of 2025.

Chanda DavetasChanda Davetas, recently transplanted from the stages of Green Bay, has found herself immersed in the varied opportunities of Chicago. Recent endeavors include the just-wrapped indie film Path of Egress, soon-to-be released hysterical webseries Community Theatre, online advertisements for Sohail Real Estate and Momkus McKluskey LLC, and more short films than she cares to remember. Her greatest compliment is that everyone thinks she’s playing herself, whether it be man-eating diva Lexie in Dixie Swim Club, meddling Jewish mother Miriam in Beau Jest, or conniving journalist Daria Chase in The Game’s Afoot. She will next be seen as Dukes Frederick and Senior in Odd’s Bodkins production of As You Like It at Corn Theatre every Saturday and Sunday in November.

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