Meet the Cast: Song Marshall

Song plays “Aldora Fiske” in Synesthesia Theatre’s first serial, Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken. Aldora is a gentlewoman adventurer, who married Alton Bartleby out of convenience, and is now irritated that her husband has become less-than-convenient.

Song MarshallSong Marshall, originally from Los Angeles, has lived all over the country. After acquiring her degree in Theatre she enjoyed roles as Beneatha Younger in Raisin in the Sun and Esther Mills in Intimate Apparel at The Limelight Theatre in St. Augustine, FL. She then moved to Chicago, to continue her dream of acting. She has  worked with The Other Theatre Company as an understudy for their ensemble production of Twilight; Los Angeles, 1992. She is also a resident Ensemble Member of Terra Mysterium. Here she has enjoyed the opportunity of helping create many transformative original works. No stranger to Burning Brigid Media, she portrayed Claire Jaqueme in their first radio drama Simple Harmonic Motion, and she is Beatrice Costa in their webseries Sleep Study.

About Kat

Artist, actor, photographer, singer. Seeker of truth & beauty. Bringer of light to the shadows. Co-founder and instigator of Burning Brigid Media.

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