On Set: Filming our Kickstarter Video

Kicstarter Shoot 1
Jen, Craig, and Ruth.

Today we were on set with our fabulous cast and Director of Photography, getting footage for our Sleep Study teaser trailer and Kickstarter video. I am blown away by the great stuff we got, and can’t wait to share it with you all.

In addition to capturing some intense performances from Song Marshall, Jennifer Sall, Ben Nicholson, and Craig Engel; we got to hear our cast speak to why they’re excited to work with us on this web series, and how it’s personally meaningful to work with a company like ours.

Kickstarter Shoot 2
Pol and Song.

They all spoke at some length to these things, and they gave us thoughts that were insightful, poignant, at times funny… but always reminding me that it’s working with these smart, creative people that compels me to make something bigger, tougher, and more amazing than I ever have before.

And I’m so looking forward to it.

Our teaser trailer should launch in about a month, so keep watching here, on Facebook, and on Twitter — or even join our mailing list — we’ll be sharing it everywhere when it does.

Kickstarter Shoot 3
John adjusts Song’s microphone.
Kickstarter Shoot 4
Craig records his voice-over for the trailer.
Kickstarter Shoot 5
Watching the cast interviews.
Kickstarter Shoot 6
Jen, on camera.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy these production photos!

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