Cold Reboot: Casting

Cold RebootCasting update: Whew! There is so much talent in Chicago. Out of 50 or so auditions, we first had to narrow things down to the best two or three for each role.This was not a simple task: we would listen to one audition, nod to each other and shout “Nailed it! This is it unless we’re blown away by the next one.” You know where this is going — we were tempting fate, of course. Naturally, the next one blew us away too.

It took most of yesterday to winnow the field down to two or three for each.Then we took a break so we could come back at it with fresh ears.

Trying to choose just one from the final two or three was really difficult. But we have just finished reaching out to folks inviting them to be a part of our brand-new cast. We are awaiting confirmation from our talent, and then we will be putting together our production schedule, sending scripts out, and getting this show on the road.

So exciting!

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