Meet the Cast: Deborah Craft

Deborah plays “Iron Horse” in Synesthesia Theatre’s first serial, Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken. Iron Horse is a Zuni Native American mechanic with a huge chip on his shoulder. Deeply devoted to his wife, Sarah, he has been a fugitive ever since she chose him over her arranged marriage to Robert Koning.

Deborah CraftDeborah Craft is an actress on the Chicago stage and screen making her premiere podcast appearance in Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken. Deborah is a producer with Fake Geek Girl Productions and emeritus Ensemble Member of Piccolo Theatre. Most recently, her work can be seen on Fake Geek Girl Productions’ YouTube page where she appears in DebCam, which she also wrote and produced, as well as Drinkin Dames and Space Happens. Her recent stage credits include Blue Planet (tribe member and sloth) with Akvavit Theater, Midsummer Night’s Dream (Helena) and Six Dead Queens and an Inflatable Henry (Anne of Cleves), both with Piccolo Theatre.

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