Casting call EXTENDED: Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken

We received a number of great auditions, and have cast many of the roles in our upcoming audio drama Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken. But we are still in need of a few more performers to fill out our cast.

We are extending the audition submission deadline until Monday, August 31, 2015. Production will take place in Chicago, weekends in September/October. We have roles available for a wide variety of types and ages. We are requesting self-taped voice auditions. Audition sides, breakdowns, and submission instructions are available on our casting call page. Performers are encouraged to submit for multiple roles.

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Burning Brigid Media is dedicated to creating stories that normalize roles for the traditionally marginalized. Women, performers of color and LGBT performers are especially encouraged to submit.

Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken is a steampunk western thriller, set in the 1910s American Southwest. It centers around the disappearance of a British nobleman’s sister, and a Zuni Two-Spirit Arrow Priest, exploring themes of family duty and cultural imperialism. It will be distributed through Synesthesia Theatre, our upcoming audio drama podcast. If you’d like to hear a sample of our audio drama work, check out Simple Harmonic Motion.

Available roles:

Iron Horse (Principal, transgender/female presenting as male/androgynous/ambiguous voice,  late 20s, Southwestern American Accent or Native American accent)
Zuni Native American transgender/third gender mechanic fugitive with a number of chips on his shoulders. Doesn’t forgive easy. Devoted to his wife, Sarah.

Chester (Supporting, Male, 20s, Southwestern American Accent)
Small town deputy and desert guide. Earnest. Gullible.

Parker (Supporting, Male, African American, Southwestern American Accent)
Easy-going man working as a small-town barber in a town full of white folks. Knows a lot of secrets, knows to keep his mouth shut.

Bright Rabbit (Day Player, Any Gender, pre-teen, Southwestern American Accent or Native American accent)
Curious Zuni youth.

Corn Woman (Day Player, Female, 40s-60s, Southwestern American Accent or Native American accent)
An elderly Zuni woman, unfond of rude Anglo visitors.

Father Dalton (Day Player, Male, 30s, Educated American accent)
Burnt-out Catholic missionary serving the Zuni pueblo in a perfunctory manner.

The Pekwin (Day Player, Male, 40s-60s, Southwestern American or Native American accent)
The true spiritual leader of the Zuni community.

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