Developing our Kickstarter

There’s a surprising amount of planning that goes into developing a crowdfunding campaign. We’ve been hard at work doing research, brainstorming perk ideas and how they should be tiered, and actively participating in fan communities to see what we can learn.

If anyone is thinking about doing their own Kickstarter somewhere down the line, here are some excellent resources we’ve found:

  • Kickstarter Math: Check out the comments, too, one person wrote out a mathematical formula to accurately calculate total budget while accounting for fees and fulfillment costs.
  • Kickstarter Lessons: There is a ton of information here. Great place to start your research.

Another helpful resource?, a very useful tool for creating shared to-do lists, lists of perk ideas, lists of who does what… you get the idea.

Of course one of the most exciting aspects of this is coming up with our perk tiers. Along with obvious things like offering a digital download of the series bundled with extras, we’re trying to think laterally a bit and come up with ideas that would be cool experiences for our supporters. Google Hangout with us to ask us anything about the series? Be an extra on set? Your name dropped in an episode as a study participant?

What else do you think would be a cool experience?

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