Sleep Study




Sleep Study is a transmedia atmospheric surreal horror found footage web series. Its protagonist is a lab assistant at a sleep study facility who becomes convinced that something shady is going on. The lab assistant is motivated to blow the whistle, but is afraid of exposure to retaliation. Instead, the assistant leaks video footage of the unethical and downright bizarre treatment of the study participants. Each episode is made up of the footage provided by the lab assistant, who never appears on camera. We see security tapes, interviews, and project recordings. They start out sinister and a little unusual, but gradually grow more and more unusual and fantastic, revealing that the project is more than a simple sleep study program and calling into question the very nature of reality itself.

Sleep Study is currently on hiatus as we develop funding.

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David Ben Nicholson
Alice Jen Sall
Maria Kat O’Connor
The Observer Craig J. Engel
Heather Julia Kessler
Beatrice Song Marshall
Kathy Ruth Kaufman
Seth Pol Subanajouy
Tom Tony Rossi
The Director Danny Glenn
Security Guard Ame Kesa Morghan


Director of Photography John Klein